3D Bond Dental Bone graft

The fastest, easiest and most
efficient dental bone graft material
the market has ever seen.


3D Bond™ - Quality Asuurance & Regulation

3D Bond™ Dental bone graft material
The product is approved and cleared in Europe and USA
by the CE and the FDA regulation authorities
dental bone graft - 3d bond
dental bone graft material
  • Ease of use and simplicity
  • Biocompatible
  • Replaced 100% by the patient’s own bone
  • Shortens Healing Time between 4-10 weeks
  • Can be used as a Membrane

Shortens Healing TimeISS_14052_00290 between 4-10 weeks

Augma biomaterial, Bond Apatite and 3D Bond, is used in my private practice, live surgical workshops and lecture/workshop presentation at various teaching venues.  This graft material is packaged in an easy to use syringe.  It is simple to use for socket grafts, sinus augmentation and restoring larger defects.  The results are that as the bone graft is resorbed, it is replaced with regeneration of the patient’s own bone.   Dennis Smiler, DDS, MScD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon https://www.smiler.net/  
Dennis Smiler, DDS, MScD
I, the undersigned, am a maxillofacial surgeon for over 12 years. I hold the position of senior staff surgeon at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. In addition, I provide oral and maxillofacial surgical services at multiple dental clinics across the country. Through the years I have been extensively involved in the regeneration and osseous reconstruction field, as well as presenting multiple lectures on this topic in Israel and around the world. I have used a wide array of bone substitute products and membranes for the purpose of augmenting and reconstructing a wide range of complex and challenging osseous defects. I had employed a variety of techniques, that differed from one patient to another. On occasion, I would experience unpleasant failures and complications even with relatively simple surgical procedures.   Recently, I have been introduced and exposed to a relatively new type of bone substitute, Bond Apatite from AugmaBio. I felt a favorable change in the selection of this bone substitute, as well as its application in a simple and rapid deployment technique. This product can fit any patient whom suffers from an osseous defect. Whether the defect is small or large, Bond Apatite can be used successfully. I was able to obtain adequate and promising regeneration without any failure at all. This benefits the patient as well as the doctor. It is without a doubt that I see in this bone substitute a bright future here and worldwide. Bond Apatite will bring forth a tremendous change to the concept of bone regeneration. Many more clinicians, like myself, were waiting for this significant change. With proper application and a short simple clinical protocol, Bond Apatite is an indispensable addition to the surgical armamentarium. Surgeons, as well as other dental clinicians with basic surgical expertise, will be able to arrive at a grafting solution with ease determination and tremendous satisfaction for both patient and doctor. Dr. Guy Sharfi Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr. Guy Sharfi
"3D Bond™ and Bond Apatite® are two new materials that open up new opportunities in the field of bone remodeling and additions. Easy to prepare, easy to apply & easy to use. Once you overcome the learning curve and you use it with the appropriate indications you'll get some amazing results and a very good bone quality, using new material that gives you safety, reliability, and allows you to create new smiles, using the FUTURE! 3D Bond™ and Bond Apatite® allows you to work easier, faster, more relaxed. For me 3D Bond™ and Bond Apatite® means better results, easy handling and a happy me!" Try it and you will love it!
Dr. Jercan Nicolae
Bucharest, Romania