3D Bond+™ Benefits

Superior Handling

The cement is injected into the augmented site from the syringe and after molding into the desire shape it sets immediately in the presence of blood and saliva.

No Membrane

The cement enables soft tissue to proliferate above its surface. As such, it prevents soft tissue invagination into the grafted site. Use Augma Shield™ wound dressing to protect your graft.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Protocols

Tension free flap and primary closure are not required. Compaction of the cement results in no hematomas and swelling post op.

Socket Grafting Done Simply and Predictably

Socket Grafting with 4 Bony Walls with 3D Bond+™ & Augma Shield™ Coverage

Previous Guided Bone Regeneration Knowledge is Not Required

Educational Resources by Augma Bone Cement Academy


Over 200 pieces of clinical content, including instructional videos, live surgeries clinical cases and more.


On-Demand Webinars

Over 10 hours of content around a wide array of augmentation procedures using bone cement.

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Bone Graft Cement E-Book

With more than 100 pages and dozens of clinical cases, this E-Book provides a comprehensive explanations on the work with Bone Graft Cements.


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Augma Shield™


Augma Shield™ is a resorbable intraoral wound dressing that attaches to the gum. When sutured on top of the bone graft cement, Augma Shield™ provides an ultimate coverage until soft tissue closes and healing begins. $4.95 per unit (20 units in a box)

Bone Graft Cement

3D Bond+™


3D Bond+™ is a short-term space maintainer Bone Graft Cement. The use of 3D Bond+™ is optimal when performing socket grafting procedures.


Socket Pack


For dentists who perform socket grafting procedures. 8 3D Bond+™, 1 Augma Shield™

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