3D BondBenefits


100% Bone Regeneration



Radiographic and histological findings demonstrate complete remodeling with an absence of remaining graft particles only 3 months post-op

Sets Immediately

Compaction of 3D Bond allow it to set immediately in the presence of blood and saliva. Additionally, no membrane is required when following the bone cement surgical protocols. 


Comparison to Bond Apatite®

Bond Apatite® is a long term space maintainer. It contains Biphasic Calcium Sulfate and HA granules and comes in a smart syringe. 3D Bond is a short term space maintainer. It comes in a regular syringe. It should apply only on small defects when used by itself, or as a composite graft.


3D BondApplication


By Itself

As A Composite Graft


Predictable Surgical Protocols for Socket Grafting


Socket Grafting without 4 bony walls


Socket Grafting with 4 Bony Walls



Clinical Research Around Biphasic Calcium Sulfate



3D BondClinical Cases from Augmaflix


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