Aesthetical Zone Rehabilitation: Teeth, Bone and Soft Tissue

Healthy patient, male, comes to the consultation with absence of upper anterior teeth. The patient had an old 5-tooth bridge cemented to teeth #12 (7), #21 (9) and #23 (11) that fell a few days earlier. The patient did not have the old bridge with him. After performing the intra-oral evaluation/complementary exams, it was understood that the remaining teeth and root had no resistance for a new bridge, and the root of tooth #21 (9) was already quite fragile and destroyed. It was also found that the bone area of ​​teeth #11 (8) and #22 (10) had great horizontal bone loss and lack of keratinized soft tissue. It was decided to undergo treatment in several surgeries:

  1. Implants in the location of teeth #11 (8) and #22 (10) with horizontal bone augmentation and   placement of a temporary bridge over existing teeth.
  2. Four months later, a new surgery would be performed to increase the keratinized gums in   the ​​implants #11 (8) and #22 (10) area.
  3. Two months after the 2nd surgery, a partial extraction of the root of tooth #21 (9) (PET)   with alveolar bone graft will be performed.

3 months later the prosthetic rehabilitation of the area will be carried out with a bridge of 3 teeth over the implants, and two individual crowns over the natural teeth #12 (7) and #23 (11).

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