Large Cyst of the Mandible: 1 Step Treatment & Augmentation

The patient is a healthy, 30 year old male. The patient reported inflammation, swelling and pain on occasion consistent with Vincent’s symptom in the area of teeth #36 (19), #20 (35), and #34 (21). The surgery was performed under general anesthesia. We removed a radicular cyst (with histopathology), root resection of #35 (20) with retrograde MTA filling, and extraction of #36 (19). The bone defect was grafted with Bond Apatite® (6 cc). The patient reported minimum pain and discomfort in the first three days after surgery. Adequate bone remodeling was observed after 3 and 8 months, but on the panoramic x-ray a slight radiolucency has developed in the area of the resurrected #35 (20). Patient reported no clinical symptoms.

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