Replacement of An Infected Molar

54 year old biker, non smoking patient.

This patient was referred by the general practitioner.

The crown on #46 (#30) was 6 months old, and was still painful despite weeks of antibiotics. The dentist required time for the patient to get used to the new crown.

Our decision was to extract the tooth and to graft biphasic calcium sulfate (Augma Bond Apatite®) in order to recover as much bone volume as possible. In addition, the choice of Augma was determined by the presence of a large infectious tissue. Biphasic calcium sulfate graft can be used, and afford a solution in case of infection.

A flap-less surgery has been performed, and the graft material has been covered by a collagen sponge (Pangen).

After 6 months, and a complete restitution of the bone volume, an implant (Surcam, S-type, 5x 13) was placed in a true bone.

Due to COVID-19, the reopening took place after 11 months, and I was impressed by the bone covering the implant that I was obliged to clear.

This bone (bioactive bone from the graft material) reacted efficiently, accepting and healing over the implant.

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