Ridge Reconstruction and Implant Placement

Ridge reconstruction of the mandible with immediate implants.

2 thoughts on “Ridge Reconstruction and Implant Placement

  1. Gary Alder
    Gary Alder says:

    I have a case of advanced mandibular atrophy of molar areas with only 3-4 of bone superior to the Mandibular Nerve. I would need at least 10mm of bone to place implants, Will Augma give it to me? Are there any cases that show this?

  2. Augma
    Augma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Increasing ridge width, especially in the mandible, depends a lot on the width of the cortical plates and the presence of spongy bone. When there is no spongy bone it is much more challenging, as the amount of osteoblasts and osteoprogenitor factors are limited. It may take more than one time to reach the desired result.

    In addition, adherence to the protocols is an important factor for obtaining good results.

    As per your request, here are two clinical cases that will be helpful. More can be found on Augmaflix.

    Vestibular Augmentation
    Lateral Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite

    To further discuss that case please send us the CBCT images, in order to give a more accurate opinion which is specific for this case.

    Best Regards
    Dr. Amos Yahav

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