Can an interim denture be used? How can a patient go without teeth for months?

It is not easy to convince the patient to go for three months without teeth, but this is the best option to achieve bone growth. In some cases, if 2-3 temporary narrow implants can be placed in the anterior part and loaded immediately, this can provide the patient with a fixed temporary partial bridge in the anterior zone. Patients accept this more readily than no teeth at all. If this option is not feasible; however, the patient should be supported in managing the entire healing period without teeth, as any removable denture risks the outcome.  In general, noncontact and lack of movement on or of the grafted site is of paramount importance no matter what graft material is used. It is up to the clinician to have a conversation with their patient and guide them during the healing process and oral maintenance following a GBR procedure. Some options to consider are tooth, or provisional implants supported fixed partial (or complete) dentures ( without soft tissue contact and support). For optimum success, NO PROSTHESIS is the recommended approach.

Can removable dentures be used while healing?

The key to any successful graft procedure ( irrespective of material or method used) is stability during the healing period. Using removable prosthetic appliances, and especially appliances with direct contact of the tissue overlaying the graft site, will cause disruption of proper osteogenesis. In the case of Bond Apatite, any movement and pressure of the appliance on the graft site will disturb the compacted cement matrix and will result in diminished graft volume.

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  1. Rafik Said
    Rafik Said says:

    I used bond apatite today for the first time and it didn’t harden at all at the surgical site, and kept almost flowable about 20 minutes.
    How could that be?

  2. Augma
    Augma says:

    In order for the material to harden properly it should be used as follows:
    During activation the shaft of the syringe should be advanced until the first piston reaches the blue line. Then the cap is removed, and the material should be injected into the site. Immediately place on it a dry gauze, not too folded, simply in two layers. Then press strongly with a finger on top of the gauze for 3 seconds, and again with a periosteal elevator for an additional 3 seconds. That’s all you need to do and the material will set instantly. It will never be hard like a stone, but it is definitely stable. During suturing, if the material breaks, place a dry gauze on it and press for one second before continuing to suture.

    If the material didn’t harden, it’s probably because the pressure with the gauze was not done immediately. As such, the crystals are soaked with blood and it will not set properly, and will be flowable.

    Please see our online course for more instructions on proper use.

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