Treatment of Peri-Implantitis with Immediate Bone Grafting

A 51 year old healthy woman comes to the office with complaints of discomfort in the 6th sextant area and a bad taste in the mouth. In the intraoral evaluation it was observed that the implant of tooth #45 (29) presents abundant suppuration and the complementary exams showed a high level of bone loss with exposure of about two thirds of the implant surface. Peri-implantitis appeared to result from the accumulation of food between the implant and an existing carie in the distal area of ​​the root of tooth #44 (28), beneath an existing crown.

Removal of the old bridge over implants #45 (29)/#47 (31), flap opening, removal of granulation tissue, cleaning and disinfection of the implant surface. The extraction of #44 (28) with immediate implant and immediate load followed by the placement of the old bridge sterilized in the autoclave during the surgery time. 4 months post-op, a final crown will be made on the new implant #44 (28).

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  1. Augma
    Augma says:

    Thank you for your comment. Here is the response from Dr. José Camelo Ferreira:

    The cleaning protocol used in this case is the GalvoSurge cleaning protocol. It is a solution of electrolytes that goes with an electric current to produce an accumulation of hydrogen molecules on the implant surface. When this becomes loose it removes all the biofilm from the implant. After a 2 minute wash it is as if the implant came of the original box.

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