Bone Graft Cements – Out of the Box Approach for the Treatment of A Variety of Augmentation Challenges

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept of bone graft cements (Biphasic Calcium Sulfate), and the rationale behind the surgical protocols, the handling properties and the new surgical options that are available to us. The difference between bone cements and traditional grafting challenges the rules of traditional GBR. Now we have minimally invasive protocols, no membrane, no soft tissue manipulation to gain a tension free flap because primary closure is not obligatory. We have the ability to confront challenges from the simple to the most complex augmentation cases. Adhering to the protocols ensures simplicity, safety and predictability.

This course will focus on specific bone cement surgical protocols for different bone augmentation procedures. The participant will learn how to manipulate the surgical flap to keep it minimally invasive and under tension (not tension free as with traditional GBR). How to work with no membrane and no primary closure, and how to eliminate the muscle influence on the movement of the graft. Participants will also learn how to predict the outcome at the end of the surgical procedure and avoid most of the traditional post-operative complications.

Learning Objectives:

– How to minimally manipulate the surgical flap.

– How to eliminate the muscle’s influence on the stability of the graft

.- Bone cement application, techniques and protocols.

– Suturing and flap closure technique.

– How to predict outcomes during surgery.

Speaker Info:

Dr. Yahav Amos, D.M.D.Graduated from the Carol Davila University of Medicine in Bucharest, Romania in 1992.In 1993, established a private clinic, limited to implants, oral rehabilitation, and aesthetic dentistry in Netanya, Israel. Highly experienced in the field of implant dentistry and oral rehabilitation. Serves as a guest and keynote speaker at international conferences and professional workshops worldwide, and has spoken on 4 continents. Yahav is a serial entrepreneur whose practical way of thinking combined with creativity have enabled him to develop a variety of efficient professional tools, accessories, and materials for implants and the surgical field. Including the invention of “Biphasic Calcium Sulfate” bone cement. Yahav was recognized as a winner of the prestigious Edison award in 2019 for his innovative contribution that change reality in augmentation procedures. He also serves as an advisor for international companies in this very progressive field. Yahav is the founder, and currently the CEO, of Augma Biomaterials.

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