Bond Apatite Bone Augmentation

The fastest, easiest and most
efficient bone augmentation
material the market has ever seen.


Bond Apatite® - Quality Asuurance & Regulation

Bond Apatite® Bone augmentation product
The product is approved and cleared in Europe and USA
by the CE and the FDA regulation authorities
Bone Augmentation
Bone Augmentation
bone augmentation
  • Minimal invasive surgical protocol
  • Easier and faster application – All-in-One Syringe
  • Regenerate the patient own bone
  • Enhance the healing with higher predictability
  • No membrane
  • Reduce chair time
  • Great value

Simplify the procedure and dramatically reduce the operation timeISS_14052_00290Shortens Healing Time

I am practicing Implant dentistry since 1986. My practice is limited to implant and Oral rehabilitation. I performed thousands of implants and augmentation procedure in the past 30 years. I was got exposed to Augma Biomaterials bone cements 8 years ago when the company just started. I was very skeptical, and the product looks like it was too good to be true. After using it, I must admit that I was completely surprised from the simplicity of the material. I also found outstanding reaction of the soft and hard tissue to the material. The outcome I got after 3 months was real bone. I also found it to be minimal invasive material to use. I used 3D Bond and Bond Apatite daily for all my bone grafting procedure, separately or simultaneously with implant placement. I also use it for lateral augmentation, ridge preservation, large 3D bone defects, sinus lifts, zigoma implants cases, periodontal defects, dehiscence and fenestration cases around natural tooth and implants. I highly recommend to use of Augma bone cements to any clinician who perform augmentation procedures. It is highly predictable, extremely simple to use and cost effective as well. Dan Rosen DDS. Diplomate ICOI
Dan Rosen DDS , Diplomate ICOI
Augma biomaterial, Bond Apatite and 3D Bond, is used in my private practice, live surgical workshops and lecture/workshop presentation at various teaching venues.  This graft material is packaged in an easy to use syringe.  It is simple to use for socket grafts, sinus augmentation and restoring larger defects.  The results are that as the bone graft is resorbed, it is replaced with regeneration of the patient’s own bone.   Dennis Smiler, DDS, MScD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon  
Dennis Smiler, DDS, MScD
I have been using augma bone cement for over two years. The main reason I decided to use augma was the fact that I have an osteoconductive material that I can safely and predictably bring to the surgical site and could expect bone. The delivery system and ease of use are an excellent benefit. Grafting large posterior sockets is done easily and FAST. I even uses the cement as a membrane over a sinus window, or other large defects that needed support - In many applications no tacks or screws required. I highly recommend adding augma bone cement to one's clinical grafting armamentarium.
Dr. Michael Katzap DDS
Diplomate American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry (