3D Bond™ - Clinical Cases - 1

An osseous lesion of not more than 10 mm width surrounded by 3 osseous support walls. It falls under the range of indications for using 3D Bond™ by itself without the need to combine it with other augmentation grafts.


3 months after the augmentation, the quality of the soft tissue is visible, as well as that of the resulting bone that is the patient’s own bone only, without any residues or traces of the implanted material.

3D Bond™ - Clinical Case - 2

3D Bond™ Bleeding Control and Augmentation

3D Bond™ - Clinical Case - 3

Augmentation of a large defect by sandwich technique

(in order to slow down the overall re-adsorption rate of the graft).

The first layer is application of 3D Bond™ while the covering superficial layer is Bond Apatite®.

The outcome after a 3 month post-op: a high quality vital bone formation is obtained.