Clinical Videos

Clinical Videos and Training

Official Bond Apatite Training Video

Official 3D Bond™ by itself Training video

Official training video of 3D Bond™ used as a Composite Graft

Bone reconstruction in the aesthetic zone using Lateral Augmentation approach

Bond Apatite tutorial on a model and in the clinic

Augmentation Protocol When the Buccal Wall is Missing

Control Bleeding using 3D Bond

Bone reconstruction after failed implant- Dr. David Baranes D.M.D

Sinus Lift with Small Membrane Perforation

Socket grafting with collagen sponge

Sinus Lift with Immediate DMI implant Placement using Bond Apatite® & 3D Bond™- Mushayev Illia DDS.

Lateral augmentation using Bond Apatite®- Dr. David Baranes D.M.D