Bond Apatite® – Training Kit

Bond Apatite® – Training Kit


Bond Apatite 1cc – is a synthetic, osteoconductive ,bioresorbable bone graft cement composed of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate and HA in a granulated powder form.

How would you react if I told you that:

  • The entire graft placement and stabilization will take you less than a minute?
  • You will be able to place or load implants in less than 3 months?
  • Membrane coverage will no longer be needed above your bone graft?

You probably wouldn’t believe any of it, with reason, and you shouldn’t until you try so yourself.

It is our privilege to invite you to explore the next generation of bone grafts, Bond Apatite® bone graft cements.

Join the thousands of clinicians worldwide who already work with our revolutionary system, together paving the future of augmentation.