Mobile Right Maxillary Canine Extraction GBR | VIDEO

In this video the right maxillary canine is extracted and Biphasic Calcium Sulfate is used for socket preservation. A collagen sponge is used to cover the graft during healing, and the implant is placed four months post-op.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Right Maxillary Canine Extraction GBR | VIDEO

  1. Ofir Yahav
    Ofir Yahav says:

    Hi Dr. Katbamna,

    Collagen sponge or plug with resorption of 10-14 day is a perfect choice as it allows the soft tissue to proliferate above the surface of the graft and is an affordable solution. We recommend on using Matrix-Derm collagen plug and also sell it on our U.S. website.

    Please note the plug should be placed on top of the gum and secured according to the protocols.
    Also a membrane can be used however it it not the best option, due to the high cost and the fact that when you secure them they tear. If you choose a membrane, it should be placed above the gum not under and secure as well.

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