Instructional Video – Socket Grafting without Flap Reflections – Collagen Sponge Protocol

Protect the cement by covering it with a collagen sponge and secure the sponge in place to the surrounding soft tissue by an initial suture, thereafter with a cross suturing above. During the initial stage of healing, the cement should not be left exposed.

Vestibular Augmentation

The molar is extracted and socket grafting and lateral ridge augmentation are completed with Bond Apatite. Implants are placed 5 months post-op.

Live Surgery – Socket Grafting with Bond Apatite and Ora-Aid

Watch a socket grafting procedure with a coverage of Ora-Aid, including a Q&A session directly from ABCA live surgery

Expert Panel – Full Arch Rehabilitation with Bone Cements

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Expert Panel – Lateral Ridge Augmentation with Augma

In this panel 4 Augma bone cement experts will cover lateral augmentation clinical cases with thorough explanations, useful tips and address questions from clinicians. Experts in the panel: Dr. Michael Katzap, USA Dr. Stephane BERG, France Dr. José Camelo Ferreira,

Dr. Amos Yahav – Lateral Ridge Augmentation

Lateral augmentation procedures for the expansion of narrow bone ridges pose complex challenges for the clinician. First, traditional augmentation techniques require extensive knowledge and experience due to the instability of existing bone grafting materials at the implant site. The more

Dr. Amos Yahav – Socket Grafting with Bone Cements

Socket grafting should be an indispensable part of our daily routine practice for obtaining optimal implant placement and proper functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. Nevertheless, many sockets are left non-grafted after extraction, owing to the complexity and cumbersomeness of traditional grafting

Extraction & GBR

Unerupted tooth #13 (6) was preserved and deciduous #53 (C) was extracted. GBR with Bond Apatite® was done. An implant was placed 4 months post-op, during which time a temporary tooth was connected with braces.

Augmentation of the Upper, Anterior Jaw

The treatment will be done in stages. First, the failing central incisors will be extracted. The narrow ridge in the area of the lateral augmentation will be prepared with decortication and augmentation done using Bond Apatite.

Extraction and Implant Placement: Lower Right First Molar

Healthy 44 year old female presents with constant, moderate pain on endodontically treated tooth #30 (46). Three months following endo re-treatment of MB and ML canals, the pain persisted.

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