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Bone Graft Cement

Bond Apatite®


Bond Apatite® is a composite graft, composed of 2/3 biphasic calcium sulfate cement matrix’s and HA granules in a controlled particle size distribution, intended to fill or augment a large diversity of osseous defects.


Augma Shield™


Augma Shield™ is a resorbable intraoral wound dressing that attaches to the gum. When sutured on top of the bone graft cement, Augma Shield™ provides an ultimate coverage until soft tissue closes and healing begins. $4.95 per unit (20 units in a box)

Bone Graft Cement

3D Bond+™


3D Bond+™ is a short-term space maintainer Bone Graft Cement. The use of 3D Bond+™ is optimal when performing socket grafting procedures.


Augma Basic


For Bond Apatite® users who would like to try 3D Bond+™ and Augma Shield™ 6 Bond Apatite® 2 3D Bond+™ 1 Augma Shield™


8 Bond Apatite®, 8 3D Bond+™, 1 Augma Shield™


Augma Premium


For dentists who perform many socket and large augmentation procedures 17 Bond Apatite®, 17 3D Bond+™, 2 Augma Shield™


For dentists who are heavy Augma users 36 Bond Apatite®, 17 3D Bond+™, 3 Augma Shield™


Augma Mix


For dentists who mainly perform augmentation on large defects 17 Bond Apatite®, 8 3D Bond+™, 2 Augma Shield™


Socket Pack


For dentists who perform socket grafting procedures. 8 3D Bond+™, 1 Augma Shield™

Bone Graft Cement

3D Bond™ 1cc – 2/Box


3D Bond™ is a natural mineral, bioresorbable graft binder cement composed of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in a granulated powder form. Single Pack - (2 syringes of 1cc in Pack).


Minimally Invasive, Maximal Regeneration Bone Cements as a Paradigm Shift in Augmentation Procedures Hands-on course with live-patient surgeries Registration ends 2 December, 2022


Full-Day Hands-On Workshop in Austin Texas 6 Continuing Education Credits Saturday, January 14, 2023, 09:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m Four Seasons Hotel Austin

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