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Bone Graft Cement

Bond Apatite®


Bond Apatite® is a composite graft, composed of 2/3 biphasic calcium sulfate cement matrix’s and HA granules in a controlled particle size distribution, intended to fill or augment a large diversity of osseous defects.


Augma Shield™


Augma Shield™ is a resorbable intraoral wound dressing that attaches to the gum. When sutured on top of the bone graft cement, Augma Shield™ provides an ultimate coverage until soft tissue closes and healing begins. $4.95 per unit (20 units in a box)


Bond Apatite - Buy 24 get 12 1 AiS 2024 Bundle+ Special offer ticket Augma Rewards Credit is eligible for this purchase.  


17 Bond Apatite, 1 Augma Shield 1 AiS Access Special offer ticket Augma Rewards Credit is eligible for this purchase.  

Bone Graft Cement

3D Bond™ 1cc – 2/Box


3D Bond™ is a natural mineral, bioresorbable graft binder cement composed of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in a granulated powder form. Single Pack - (2 syringes of 1cc in Pack).


Branded Cherokee Surgical Scrub & Cap. Specify Navy or Black color, and size in order notes.


Branded Cherokee Surgical Cap. Specify Navy or Black color in order notes.


Augma Scrub


Branded Cherokee Surgical Scrub. Specify Scrub size in order notes.


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