Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation with Immediate Implants

• Symptomatic implant infection #14 (5) with marked bone loss.• Lack of teeth to chew in the 1st quadrant – #15 (4) and #16(3).• Mobility in tooth #17 (2).• Marked lack of soft/hard tissue in the edentulous area

Extraction, Immediate Placement & Socket Preservation with Bond Apatite®

By Dr. Omri Rudberg, DMD 77 year old female who came in for treatment of #37 (18) and extraction of #36 (19) due to deep periodontal pocket with active secretion and furcation involvement. The tooth was extracted atraumatically, and an

Socket Grafting & Cyst Removal

The patient is a 30 year old female who came to the clinic describing discomfort and tooth mobility of the left upper lateral incisor. During the clinical evaluation, a fistula was detached buccally near the apex zone of the tooth.

Augmentation of the Upper, Anterior Jaw

A 50 year old female patient presented for a fixed restoration of the upper, anterior jaw. The treatment will be done in stages. First, the failing central incisors will be extracted. The narrow ridge in the area of the lateral

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