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Augma Smart Syringe
Augma Smart Syringe

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Augma's Bone Cenent vs Traditional Bone Grafting

Augma Biomaterials

Welcome to The Revolution

The company’s products are patented, innovative, science-based and constitute a game-changing breakthrough in the dental augmentation field.

Developing Augmentation Oriented Innovations

Augma Biomaterials is focused on developing innovated dental bone augmentation materials based on biphasic calcium sulfate cement, implementing high technology, scientific knowledge, and thorough research. The engineers at the company are primarily concerned with the end users, the practitioners and are obligated to find the most efficient solutions for bone graft substitutes in the dental field.

Why Clinicians Choose Augma

Better Handling


Complete graft placement and stabilization in less than a minute.

Bond Apatite Mobile

Better Results


Material transformation to patient own bone in three months of healing.

Overall Cost Reduction


No additional materials required, minimal chair time, and fast healing.

Upgrade to Augma and leave behind the…