About Us

The activity of the company is focused on two main categories:

  • Development of novel augmentative products that are based on many years of personal experience and consider the challenges which clinicians in the dental field face.

  • Service and broad support for clinicians to ensure better, faster and readily achievable results.

    Dr. Amos Yahav
    Dr. Amos Yahav

The vision behind the formation of the company originated from the inspiration of the developer, Dr. Amos Yahav, D.M.D, to find a bone graft substitute that could serve clinicians on a broader spectrum of indications, based on motivation to find the ultimate one.

Dr. Amos Yahav, D.M.D, is the Chairman of the Board and Founder of Augma Biomaterials Ltd.

From his practical knowledge, highly experienced background and after handling a vast number of cases, Dr. Yahav began to revive his vision to combine simplicity, efficiency and proven results in the dental surgery field.

Dr. Yahav is known worldwide for the revolutionary products he invented, which aim to improve the results of oral augmentation process results.

The company continues to operate under these principles in order to bring further developments and innovation to the dental field, all for the benefit of the clinician and the patient.

Our mission

Augma Biomaterials is devoted to the development, production, and marketing of natural mineral bone substitutes for the dental market. The company focuses its activity on the development of innovative materials required for bone augmentation, based on a novel technology, scientific knowledge, and extensive research.

Augma Biomaterials has adopted the slogan: Better handling, Better results, stating its aspiration for finding solutions that are simple to use and operate. In addition, providing the dental surgeon with the best results and thus ultimately contributing to the patients’ well-being and satisfaction.

The company’s vision is to persist in finding simple solutions for the diverse requirements in the fields of dental implantation and complex surgical procedures.

Quality Assurance & Regulation

Augma Biomaterials Ltd. quality assurance is carried out in accordance with the most stringent international standards:

ISO 13485 Certificate

CE Certificate

Bond Apatite 510(k)

3D Bond / BondBone 510(k)

3D Bond™ and BondBone® are identical products with different brand names