Dr. Damian Dudek – The Use of Bone Cement in The Support of Surgical Treatment of Odontogenic Cysts – 1 CE

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The lecture presents dozens of cases of surgical treatment of small and large odontogenic cysts and similar pathologies of the jaws. In the surgical treatment, endodontic microsurgery techniques were used as well as augmentation of bone defects with the use of Bond Apatite®. In the 6-8 months of clinical follow-up and radiological observation, normal remodeling and formation of new bone tissue as well as stability of resected teeth and soft tissues were noted. Each cyst and tumor was histopathologically examined.

Learning Objectives:
• How to Safely use Augma to accelerate the healing of bone defects after removing the odontogenic cysts and tumors
• Be able to use Augma in combination with endodontic microsurgical techniques
• Show bone healing using Bond Apatite® based on clinical cases.



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