Instructional Video – Socket Grafting without Flap Reflections – Wound Dressing Protocol

  • No need to raise a flap.
  • Extract the tooth and prepare the socket for grafting.
  • Eject the cement into the socket.
  • Press firmly over the cement for 3 seconds using dry sterile unfolded gauze and finger pressure followed by another 3-second press with a periosteal elevator.
  • Remove excess material.
  • Prepare the wound dressing by cutting it to size.
  • Place the wound dressing, and press firmly for 5 seconds.
  • Secure wound dressing in place with cross stitch sutures.

Activate subtitles to see the steps of the surgical protocols.

This video is part of the “Bone Graft Cements – Features & Clinical Benefits” E-Book.
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