Ridge Rehabilitation & Large Bone Defects Due to Root Fractures

50 year old female, non smoking, with a minor heart condition. The patient came with mobile bridge over fractured tooth #46 (30), missing tooth #47 (31), tooth #44 (28) with mobile roots and restoration almost to the height of bone. The distal abutment of the old bridge was fractured and broken for a long period of time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The anterior abutment is mobile and the whole bridge is mobile. The ridge of bone is thin, as we shall see. The plan was done in stages.

2 thoughts on “Ridge Rehabilitation & Large Bone Defects Due to Root Fractures

  1. Ofir Yahav
    Ofir Yahav says:

    Hi Dr. Gelman,
    Please see Dr. Rudberg’s response:
    The implants and ridge were covered by bond Apetit mainly from the buccal because it was a thin site, not suitable for a mollar. 4 months later, I took an x-ray , figured their position and reached them from the occlusion side,after analgesia, of course. Sometimes one has to clear some material from above the implants, but it’s a good way to ensure high level of bone around them.

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