What to Expect 3D Bond

Working with bone cements results in true bone regeneration, with over 90% patient’s own bone. 3D Bond+™ acts as a membrane, which allows for soft tissue to proliferate directly on top of the graft. The healing process differs from many other bone substitutes, and there might be major differences in appearance between traditional grafting and Augma bone cement grafting. At the first stage, soft tissue proliferation might appear as if the material has collapsed or has washed out. This appearance does not indicate that the grafting procedure was not successful. Three months post-op a complete soft tissue maturation will be evident. Please view the following phases emphasizing the healing process, including soft and hard tissue healing and radiographic appearance.

Case 1

Soft Tissue & Radiographic
Buccal Defect & Sutures
Suture Removal
Radiographic Images
Soft Tissue Healing
Implant Placement & Radiography

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  1. Augma
    Augma says:

    The following reply is from Dr. Amos Yahav:

    Thank you doctor for your comment, we are glad to hear that benefit from our product.
    Indeed 3D Bond+, which is made from pure biphasic calcium sulfate, is a short term space maintainer that transforms completely into the patients own bone in 3 months. It is important that it is used within its indication, such as for socket grafting procedures. For other grafting procedures we recommend using Bond Apatite, a composite graft cement with a longer space maintenance ability.

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