Socket Grafting – No Buccal Wall | VIDEO

Extraction and socket grafting with no buccal wall. Three months post augmentation an implant is placed in new bone. Histological samples are taken and results show new bone regeneration.

Socket Preservation With Flap Reflection | VIDEO

Extraction and socket preservation following the Bond Apatite protocol for missing buccal plate and flap reflection.

Large cyst enucleation, apicoectomy with MTA retrograde filling and augmentation

We did an enucleation and resection of roots of the upper right incisors, (#11 (8) & #12 (7)) with retrograde fillings (MTA) and augmentation with Bond Apatite® bone cement. Healing was uneventfully and after six months post op the place was asymptomatic and bone was formed.

Large Cyst of the Mandible: 1 Step Treatment & Augmentation

The patient reported inflammation, swelling and pain on occasion consistent with Vincent’s symptom in the area of teeth #36 (19), #20 (35), and #34 (21). The surgery was performed under general anesthesia. We removed a radicular cyst (with histopathology), root resection of #35 (20) with retrograde MTA filling, and extraction of #36 (19). The bone defect was grafted with Bond Apatite® (6 cc).

Apical Resection + Retro Filling

37 year old male patient presented with an apical resection with a retro filling in tooth #11 (8). The cystic cavity is filled with Augma Bond Apatite.

Sinus Lift – Lateral Window Approach

Sinus Lift – Lateral Window Approach Activate the syringe and wait 1 minute before application. Eject the cement into the sinus cavity through the sinus lateral window until 2/3 of the sinus is filled (During cement dispersion in the sinus cavity, if needed tap gently above the

Socket Preservation Without Flap Reflection

Eject the cement into the socket.
 Press firmly over the cement for 3 seconds using dry sterile unfolded gauze and finger pressure followed by another 3-second press with a peritoneal elevator.

Mobile Upper Left Premolar with 5 Year Follow Up

62 year old male presents with painful and mobile upper left first premolar tooth. Exam revealed gingival inflammation and mobility. Exploration revealed a missing buccal plate. The plan was to remove the tooth, and graft with Bond Apatite, without flap elevation.

Large Bone Reconstruction & Papilla Preservation In The Aesthetic Zone

The patient came to our office complaining of mobility and discomfort of teeth 8,9 (11,21). The clinical and radiographic evaluation confirmed the patient’s complaint. The CBCT demonstrates a large bone deficiency at the apical level with the absence of the buccal plate.

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