Laser Assisted Periimplantitis Treatment with Bond Apatite

The patient presented with vertical and lateral loss of bone. Ablation of infected tissue was completed using Erbium YSGG laser (2780nm), after which augmentation was done using Augma Bond Apatite. 4 months post-op visit showed healthy gingiva with no pockets, and radiographic imagery showed bone growth.

Upper Central Incisors, Augmentation & Implants

The patient presented with missing central incisors, with a large defect on the upper left central incisor, visible on smiling. The ridge was narrowed and would have given an unsatisfactory outcome. Bond Apatite® was placed, and delayed placement completed after 4 months.

Root Canal & Augmentation with Bond Apatite

The patient presents with mobility and fistula on teeth #31 (24) & #41 (25) with no obvious cause other than a fall a few months earlier. A root canal treatment was initiated on both teeth, with splinting to stabilize the teeth. The root canal was completed with evidence of bone healing at apices. 

Extraction of the Central Incisor

Patient presented with suppuration, pain and mobility in tooth #11 (8). Diagnosis of untreatable periodontal lesion, patient was referred to for a CT scan. Extraction of tooth #11 (8) and degranulation of the lesion. The defect is filled with Bond Apatite®.

Extraction, Augma and Implants

The patient presented with an infected and fractured molar with compromised buccal plate. The extraction was done in segments. Osteotomy prep grafted with Bond Apatite®, uncover osteotomy, immediate implant placement.  Note the keratinized gingiva around the healed implant. The key here was no flap at the time of the extraction.

Aesthetical Zone Rehabilitation: Teeth, Bone and Soft Tissue

After performing the intra-oral evaluation/complementary exams, it was understood that the remaining teeth and root had no resistance for a new bridge, and the root of tooth #21 (9) was already quite fragile and destroyed. It was also found that the bone area of ​​teeth #11 (8) and #22 (10) had great horizontal bone loss and lack of keratinized soft tissue. It was decided to undergo treatment in several surgeries.

Lateral Plate Preservation with Augma Bond Apatite

The patient is a female, 60 year old, non-smoker. She presented with loss of the lateral plate following an infection on root fracture #25 (13). Implant placement occurs 5 months after bone preservation with Augma Bond Apatite®.

Apicoectomy with Augma Bond Apatite

he patient came with a cyst in the upper, right maxilla. The cyst was removed and apicoectomy performed. The defect was filled using Augma Bond Apatite and a wound dressing was placed to help protect the sutures from the oral environment.

Wisdom Teeth and Augma Bond Apatite® Case Report

Here we have three different cases of the extraction of wisdom teeth (3rd Molars) using Bond Apatite for socket grafting and GBR.

Closed Sinus Lift with Augma Bond Apatite

Patient : Male, 60 year old, non-smoker.
The extractions of #13 (25) and #14 (26) were realized 5 months before, including bone preservation with Augma Bond Apatite®. The option of a closed sinus lift was preferred to a lateral approach because of the flexibility of the sinus floor due to the bone preservation.

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