Augmentation of the Upper, Anterior Jaw

A 50 year old female patient presented for a fixed restoration of the upper, anterior jaw. The treatment will be done in stages. First, the failing central incisors will be extracted. The narrow ridge in the area of the lateral

Lateral Ridge Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®

A 60 year old female patient presented to the clinic for a mandibular, left, non-removable implant supported restoration. Examination reveals a narrow alveolar crest that will not accommodate implant placements in the molar area. It was decided to perform a

Extraction and Implant Placement: Lower Right First Molar

Healthy 44 year old female presents with constant, moderate pain on endodontically treated tooth #30 (46). Three months following endo re-treatment of MB and ML canals, the pain persisted.

Endodontic Surgery: Apicoectomy #35 (20) with Cyst Removal and Bond Apatite®

Healthy 32 year old male with a cyst which has not resolved after 5 months of endodontic treatment. He experiences occasional pain and discomfort. The root of #35 (20) was resected, with a backfill of the root canal with MTA.

Wisdom Teeth and Augma Bond Apatite Case Report

The patient was referred by his treating dentist following repeat acute phases. The decision to extract is done with antibiotics and corticosteroid coverage. GBR will be performed during the surgical stage, with Augma Bond Apatite.

Management of Congenitally Missing Laterals with Extremely Narrow Ridges

The patient presented with congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors, and deficient buccal width of alveolar bond in edentulous areas.

The treatment plan consisted of implant placement with simultaneous only graft with Augma Bond Apatite, and immediate loading of a provisional prosthesis.

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