Socket Preservation with Bond Apatite®

Patient: woman 50+Zone: #16Diagnosis: Granuloma and bone re absorption in septum and palatal root Treatment procedure: Buccal Flap Extraction Curettage Socket detox with BlueM gel for 3 minutes Rinse with saline solution Fill the Socket with Augma material Close the

Cyst In The Lower Left Mandibular 2nd Premolar

Healthy male, age 32 years. The cyst is not involved after 5 months of endodontic treatment. He has pain and discomfort from time to time. We made a root resection of tooth 35 with back-fill with the MTA, cyst enucleation

Central Odontogenic Fibroma & Central Osteoma of The Mandible

Healthy Female, age 29 years. The tumor was developed without any clinical symptoms for about 2 years. Maybe changes at the cellular level led to pulpitis and second to pulp necrosis 46. The endodontic treatment was not carried out correctly,

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