Apicoectomy in Aesthetic Zone with Augma Bond Apatite®

A 50-year-old woman presented with swelling and pain in the apical area of ​​teeth #21 (9) and #22 (10). Additional exams confirmed an apical lesion in both teeth. The lesion is a recurrence of an apicoectomy done 3 years ago

Augmentation & Implants with Bond Apatite

The patient came for implants in the right and left central incisors. Upon opening a defect was discovered. Implants were placed and augmentation was done with Bond Apatite®. A temporary prosthesis was placed. Four months post-op crowns were placed.

Implant #12 (7)

Dr. Raja Naddaf, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon The patient was referred for an implant after the extraction of tooth #12 (7).According to the CBCT, their was insufficient bone volume due to a bone defect and a residual cyst. At the

Extraction Site – Put Implants, or Not?

In bone of poor quality, increasing implant diameter may be the only way to increase tolerance to occlusal forces, improve initial stability, and provide a favorable stress distribution to the surrounding bone. Shorter implants, those with locking tapers and plateau

Buccal Deficiency – 5 Year Follow-Up

A long term case, five years after augmenting with Bond Apatite. The grafting procedure was performed in the aesthetic zone, where a buccal plate was missing. The patient had poor periodontal condition, and came in for a consultation. They complained

Mobility of Old Bridges in the Anterior Maxillary

A patient came to the office complaining of the mobility of the old bridges, located in the anterior maxillary segment. With Bond Apatite we were able to fill gaps and large defects. Including the void left after removing the impacted

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