Extraction, Immediate Implants & Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation

Teeth #12 (7) & #22 (10) are extracted with immediate implants. The soft and hard tissue is augmented with bone cements and a wound dressing is used to promote healing. Follow up takes place over the next 200 days until the final crowns are placed.

Failed GBR Correction with Bond Apatite®

Patient was scheduled for second-stage surgery at 6 months. A huge dehiscence defect due to failed GBR was noticed, the implant was determined to be stable. The decision was made to correct with Bond Apatite®.

Utilizing Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in Periodontal Regenerative Surgery

Periodontitis, Stage III, Grade C, with molar incisor pattern. They demonstrated bleeding, deep pockets and vertical bone resorption.

Extraction, Immediate Placement & Socket Preservation with Bond Apatite®

treatment of #37 (18) and extraction of #36 (19) due to deep periodontal pocket with active secretion and furcation involvement. The tooth was extracted atraumatically, and an implant was placed centrally, relying on the septum.

Cyst Enucleation, Augma & Implants

Tooth #45 (29) & #46 (30) were extracted. Tooth #44 (28) is going through an endodontic retreatment procedure.  At the time of extraction, enucleation of a cystic lesion 1 cm in diameter.

Extraction & GBR

Unerupted tooth #13 (6) was preserved and deciduous #53 (C) was extracted. GBR with Bond Apatite® was done. An implant was placed 4 months post-op, during which time a temporary tooth was connected with braces.

Apicoectomy & Augma with 2 Year Follow Up

A large periapical lesion involving teeth #22 (10) and #23 (11). Cyst enucleation and apicoectomy were performed. Two year post-op photos show the entire defect filled with true bone.

Implant #12 (7)

The patient was referred for an implant after the extraction of tooth #12 (7). According to the CBCT, their was insufficient bone volume due to a bone defect and a residual cyst.

Replacement of Failed Implant

In this video Bond Apatite is used to fill a defect in the area of the lower, right incisor with a missing buccal plate. Four months post-op an implant is placed in new bone.

Large Cyst Augmentation with Bond Apatite®

A large cyst is removed from the aesthetic zone, and the gap is filled with Bond Apatite.

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