Large cyst enucleation, apicoectomy with MTA retrograde filling and augmentation

Healthy woman, age 35, cyst in the right maxilla. We did an enucleation and resection of roots 11(8) and 12(7) with retrograde fillings(MTA) and augmentation with Bond Apatite® bone cement. The x rays was taken 7 days before the treatment and 7 days, 3 and 6 months after the operation. Healing was uneventfully and after

Augmentation post-implant failure – large cyst

Male patient, healthy, age 30 years. In position of teeth no. 19,20, and 21 (34,35,and 36) the patient reported inflammation, swelling and pain on occasion consistent with Vincent’s symptom. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia. We removed a radicular cyst (with histopathology), root resection of tooth 20 (35) with retrograde MTA filling and extraction of tooth