Extractions and Immediate Implant Placement

The patient is a woman in her 50’s, who came a day before a family event for a fixed prothetelic supported by immediate implant placement. Canine in a classic vestibular position, it will be necessary to try to keep the buccal bone wall as much as possible and reconstruct the ridge.

Closed Vertical Sinus Lift

A patient in her fifties came for implant treatment in the left maxilla. Dr. Baranes decided to place an implant, 3.75/10 in tooth #24 (12). In #26 (14) bone width was only 1mm, so a crestal sinus floor elevation was completed first to increase the bone height. Three months post-op an implant of 3.75/10 was placed. No additional augmentation was performed as 6 mm of bone was gained.

Augmentation After the Removal of Failed Implants

A 60 years old. Came in to consult for implant treatment from tooth #23 (11) to #27 (15). Scans showed a large bone deficiency in close proximity to the sinus floor.

Socket Grafting & Cyst Removal

Discomfort and tooth mobility of the left upper lateral incisor. A fistula was detached buccally near the apex zone of the tooth. Radiographic imagery revealed a large radiolucency in connection with the tooth apex. The tooth was extracted and the lesion removed, followed by augmentation with Bond Apatite.

Dehiscence and Bond Apatite

A 20 year old was referred to us to perform an implant in area #22 (10) due to agenesis (after orthodontic preparation.) The doctor wants to perform a screwed crown. This requires us to perform the implant outside the frame of the bone. We will treat the dehiscence with Bond Apatite.

Augmentation in the Aesthetic Zone

30 year old patient presents with pain from an infection in tooth #11 (8) and the decay of tooth #21 (9) beneath the crown.

Closed Sinus Lift

This case shows us the evolution of the sinus floor, one year after an intra crestal sinus lift through the crestal direction. The patient is a diabetic woman in her 60’s, who came for an implant treatment in the upper, right jaw. She had several years with an edentulous space between #14 (5) – #16 (3).

Open Sinus Lift & Dehiscence

This video shows the protocols for an Open (lateral window) Sinus Lift with immediate implants, as well as extractions and dehiscence.

Closed Sinus Lift

Video of Dr. Baranes performing an intra-crestal (closed) sinus lift with immediate implant placement.

Wound Dressing Protocol

Teeth #21 (9), #22 (10), #23 (11), #24 (12), and #25 (13) are to be extracted at the same time. The flap will not be sufficient to cover the Bond Apatite, so a wound dressing was used to cover the exposed material.

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