Sinus & Horizontal Total Maxillary Augmentation

This video shows a full arch rehabilitation with bilateral open sinus lift.

Immediate Implant with Immediate Load in the Aesthetic Zone

A 43-year-old woman came for consultation 3 days after losing tooth #11 (8) due to trauma. The patient has a history of periodontitis and tooth mobility, and she brought her tooth with her in her hand. The patient just wanted to have her tooth back. The patient is a smoker. Tooth #13 (6) had already been replaced with an implant for the same reason about 10 years ago.

Sinus Lift with Immediate Implant Placement

The patient presented with a lack of teeth for chewing in the 2nd quadrant, a destroyed tooth #24 (12) with an apical cyst, and a lack of aesthetics when they smiled.

Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation with Immediate Implants

Symptomatic implant infection #14 (5), a lack of teeth for chewing, tooth mobility and a marked lack of soft/hard tissue in the edentulous area.

Apicoectomy in Aesthetic Zone with Bond Apatite®

The patient presented with swelling and pain in the apical area of ​​teeth #21 (9) and #22 (10). Additional exams confirmed an apical lesion in both teeth.

Immediate Implants in the Aesthetic Zone with Horizontal Bone Reconstruction

The patient presents a total failure of an old bridge between teeth #21 (9) and #23 (11) with high horizontal/vertical mobility and marked absorption of the buccal bone plate in the area of tooth #23 (11) with active infection.

Immediate Implant with Immediate Load

The patient presented with a crown fracture on the tooth #24 (12). The tooth was extracted and socket grafting was completed with Bond Apatite. A temporary crown was used during healing.

Maxillary Rehabilitation with Locaters Abutments

Multiple extractions, cyst removal and the reconstruction of maxillary bone defects. Rehabilitation with a temporary removable prosthesis, and 6 months post-op the final skeletal prosthesis is placed.

All on Four

Implant placement in maxillary. The remaining teeth of the mandible are extracted, followed by ridge preservation and immediate implant placement.


This video shows cyst removal and apicoectomy with MTA. The defect was filled with Bond Apatite and the sutures are covered with a wound dressing.

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