Prosthetic Preservation, GBR with Bond Apatite

nt is a 72 year old female smoker with poor hygiene,. The treatment plan includes a complete denture in the upper jaw, as well as a complete denture in the lower jaw stabilized by two anterior implants. A provisional denture will be placed in the upper and lower jaw during the healing process.

Vestibular Augmentation

The molar is extracted and socket grafting and lateral ridge augmentation are completed with Bond Apatite. Implants are placed 5 months post-op.

Lateral Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®

The patient is a 70 year old female with no health problems. Tooth #34 (21) is fractured and must be extracted, and the bridge sliced. Tooth #38 (17) will be kept for the moment.

Wisdom Teeth and Augma Bond Apatite Case Report

The patient was referred by his treating dentist following repeat acute phases. The decision to extract is done with antibiotics and corticosteroid coverage. GBR will be performed during the surgical stage, with Augma Bond Apatite.

About a Peri-Implantitis

The patient returned for an unscrewing of the crown of #37 (18), which induced an occlusal trauma. This ultimately led to peri-implantitis trauma.

Replacement of An Infected Molar

The crown on #46 (#30) was 6 months old, and was still painful despite weeks of antibiotics. Our decision was to extract the tooth and to graft biphasic calcium sulfate (Augma Bond Apatite®) in order to recover as much bone volume as possible. After 6 months, and a complete restitution of the bone volume, an implant (Surcam, S-type, 5x 13) was placed in a true bone.

Sinus Floor Reconstruction Lateral Sinus Lift | VIDEO

Extractions and Sinus Floor Reconstruction. A collagen plug is used to isolate the sinus when the sinus floor is perforated. Bond Apatite is then used to reconstruct the sinus floor and ridge preservation.

Vestibular Augmentation | VIDEO

The patient is a 52 year old male. In April of 2019 vestibular augmentation with decortication was completed with Augma Bond Apatite. In September 2019 implants were placed. #34 (21) and #35 (20) : 4.20mm x 13mm , #36 (19) : 5mm x 13mm.

Apical Resection + Retro Filling

37 year old male patient presented with an apical resection with a retro filling in tooth #11 (8). The cystic cavity is filled with Augma Bond Apatite.

Anterior Implant After Ridge Preservation | VIDEO

In this video the patient’s remaining teeth are extractions, and grafting is completed with Bond Apatite. In the second surgery two implants are placed in the mandible.

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