3 Large Cysts and Apicoectomy

This case highlights the removal of three large cysts, with apicoectomy and filling of the defect.

Maxillary Rehabilitation with Locaters Abutments

Multiple extractions, cyst removal and the reconstruction of maxillary bone defects. Rehabilitation with a temporary removable prosthesis, and 6 months post-op the final skeletal prosthesis is placed.

Apicoectomy & Augma with 2 Year Follow Up

A large periapical lesion involving teeth #22 (10) and #23 (11). Cyst enucleation and apicoectomy were performed. Two year post-op photos show the entire defect filled with true bone.

Endodontic Surgery: Apicoectomy #35 (20) with Cyst Removal and Bond Apatite®

The root of #35 (20) was resected, with a backfill of the root canal with MTA. Cyst enucleation was confirmed with histopathology examination. The bone defect was filled with Bond Apatite® (0.5 cc).


This video shows cyst removal and apicoectomy with MTA. The defect was filled with Bond Apatite and the sutures are covered with a wound dressing.

Implant #12 (7)

The patient was referred for an implant after the extraction of tooth #12 (7). According to the CBCT, their was insufficient bone volume due to a bone defect and a residual cyst.

Cyst of the Anterior Left Maxilla

The cyst appeared 8 months after good endodontic treatment. We did a root resection of tooth #22 (10), followed by a cyst enucleation with histopathology examination. The bone defect was then filled with Bond Apatite (2cc).

Large Cyst Augmentation with Bond Apatite®

A large cyst is removed from the aesthetic zone, and the gap is filled with Bond Apatite.

Peri-Radicular Cyst Treatment with Biphasic Calcium Sulfate

Periapical lesion and root resorption are demonstrated around the tooth #23 (#11). The tooth underwent repeated root canal treatment by endodontist and courses of antibiotics without improvements.

Large Cyst of the Mandible

An 82 year old woman presented with swelling and pain on the left side of the cheek and lip, and Vincent symptom. The cyst was removed, and the defect filled with Bond Apatite. Follow up showed very good bone remodeling, and no inflammatory symptoms were observed.

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