Apicoectomy with Augma Bond Apatite

The patient presents with a fistula on apical part of tooth #22 (10). The patient complained of pain in the area. The radiographic examination showed an apical lesion on the apex of #21 (9) & #22 (10).

Horizontal Bone Augmentation – Immediate Implant Placement

The patient presents with a symptomatic cyst with an active fistula on the area of #21 (9) & #22 (10) and an absence of tooth #24 (12) with major bone loss. The patient wants to have fixed teeth on #22 (10) and #24 (12).

Bone Reconstruction after Cyst Removal

Extraction and cyst enucleation in the upper incisors. Socket preservation and the filling of the defect are completed with Bond Apatite.

Cyst In The Lower Left Mandibular 2nd Premolar

We made a root resection of tooth #35 (20) with back-fill with the MTA, cyst enucleation (confirmed with histopathology examination). We filled the bone defect with Bond Apatite (1/2 cc). Good healing and no clinical symptoms after six months was observed.

Central Odontogenic Fibroma & Central Osteoma of The Mandible

A revision of the lower right molar was made, the tumor was removed (highly mineralized part similar to osteoma and granulation tissue from area around). We made a root resections of tooth #46 (30) with retrograde filling of the root canals using MTA. We filled the bone defect with Bond Apatite (1 cc).

Histopathological study showed the presence of a odontogenic fibroma structure in granulation tissue and osteoma in mineralized part. We observed a good healing of bone and soft tissue in 2 years months follow-up.

Augma Bond Apatite® Intro Course – 0.5 CE


The course is aimed to provide all the necessary information to smoothly transition to Augma bone cement from traditional grafting and shorten the learning curve to minimal.    

Large cyst enucleation, apicoectomy with MTA retrograde filling and augmentation

We did an enucleation and resection of roots of the upper right incisors, (#11 (8) & #12 (7)) with retrograde fillings (MTA) and augmentation with Bond Apatite® bone cement. Healing was uneventfully and after six months post op the place was asymptomatic and bone was formed.

Large Cyst of the Mandible: 1 Step Treatment & Augmentation

The patient reported inflammation, swelling and pain on occasion consistent with Vincent’s symptom in the area of teeth #36 (19), #20 (35), and #34 (21). The surgery was performed under general anesthesia. We removed a radicular cyst (with histopathology), root resection of #35 (20) with retrograde MTA filling, and extraction of #36 (19). The bone defect was grafted with Bond Apatite® (6 cc).

Apical Resection + Retro Filling

37 year old male patient presented with an apical resection with a retro filling in tooth #11 (8). The cystic cavity is filled with Augma Bond Apatite.

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