Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation with Immediate Implants

• Symptomatic implant infection #14 (5) with marked bone loss.• Lack of teeth to chew in the 1st quadrant – #15 (4) and #16(3).• Mobility in tooth #17 (2).• Marked lack of soft/hard tissue in the edentulous area

Maxillary Rehabilitation with Locaters Abutments

Extraction of the 4 remaining teeth. Apical cyst removal. Placement of 3 immediate implants. Reconstruction and regularization of maxillary bone defects. Rehabilitation with temporary removable prosthesis. After 6 months, placement of 3 locaters abutments and fixation of the temporary removable

Extraction, Bond Apatite & Implant

Healthy male, 43 years old. He presents with a large area of inflammation around the tooth #12(7) with a complete lesion of external cortical lamina. This causes daily pain and discomfort. We extract the tooth and remove the inflammation (with

Lateral Ridge Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®

A 60 year old female patient presented to the clinic for a mandibular, left, non-removable implant supported restoration. Examination reveals a narrow alveolar crest that will not accommodate implant placements in the molar area. It was decided to perform a

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