Augmentation After the Removal of Failed Implants

A 60 years old. Came in to consult for implant treatment from tooth #23 (11) to #27 (15). Scans showed a large bone deficiency in close proximity to the sinus floor.

Immediate Implants in the Aesthetic Zone with Horizontal Bone Reconstruction

The patient presents a total failure of an old bridge between teeth #21 (9) and #23 (11) with high horizontal/vertical mobility and marked absorption of the buccal bone plate in the area of tooth #23 (11) with active infection. The

Maxillary Rehabilitation with Locaters Abutments

Extraction of the 4 remaining teeth. Apical cyst removal. Placement of 3 immediate implants. Reconstruction and regularization of maxillary bone defects. Rehabilitation with temporary removable prosthesis. After 6 months, placement of 3 locaters abutments and fixation of the temporary removable

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