Dehiscence and Bond Apatite

A 20 year old was referred to us to perform an implant in area #22 (10) due to agenesis (after orthodontic preparation.) The doctor wants to perform a screwed crown. This requires us to perform the implant outside the frame of the bone. We will treat the dehiscence with Bond Apatite.

Augmentation & Implants with Bond Apatite

The patient came for implants in the right and left central incisors. Upon opening a defect was discovered. Implants were placed and augmentation was done with Bond Apatite®

Augmentation of the Upper, Anterior Jaw

The treatment will be done in stages. First, the failing central incisors will be extracted. The narrow ridge in the area of the lateral augmentation will be prepared with decortication and augmentation done using Bond Apatite.

Lateral Ridge Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®

Examination reveals a narrow alveolar crest that will not accommodate implant placements in the molar area. It was decided to perform a ridge augmentation initially, and after a few months of healing to proceed with placement of the implants.

Lateral Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®

The patient is a 70 year old female with no health problems. Tooth #34 (21) is fractured and must be extracted, and the bridge sliced. Tooth #38 (17) will be kept for the moment.

Management of Congenitally Missing Laterals with Extremely Narrow Ridges

Congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors, and deficient buccal width of alveolar bone in edentulous areas. Simultaneous graft and implant placement.

Replacing Lower Left Bridge

A bridge in the lower left molars and premolars is replaced with 4 implants. During the uncovery Biphasic Calcium Sulfate is used to aid in soft tissue growth.

Replacement of Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors and Lateral Augmentation with Bond Apatite®

In this video see the implant placement in the area of the maxillary incisors, and lateral augmentation using the tunneling technique.

Lateral Augmentation Using Bond Apatite®

Lateral augmentation of the lower, right mandible. After decortication of the area augmentation is done with Augma Bond Apatite.

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