Horizontal Bone Augmentation – Immediate Implant Placement

The patient presents with an absence of tooth #24 (12), with a loss of bone thickness. Augmentation is done with immediate implant placement.

Horizontal Bone Augmentation – Immediate Implant Placement

The patient presents with a symptomatic cyst with an active fistula on the area of #21 (9) & #22 (10) and an absence of tooth #24 (12) with major bone loss. The patient wants to have fixed teeth on #22 (10) and #24 (12).

Right Lower Premolar OD Augma Implant

In this video an implant is placed in the area of the right, lower premolar. Lateral augmentation with bone cements takes place simultaneously.

Bilateral Lateral Augmentation

This video includes lateral augmentation of both the right and left mandible, with post-op implant placement.

Augma Bond Apatite® Intro Course – 0.5 CE


The course is aimed to provide all the necessary information to smoothly transition to Augma bone cement from traditional grafting and shorten the learning curve to minimal.    

Lateral Augmentation – 2 mm ridge

Patient in her sixties come for implant treatment in the maxilla on the right side. The ridge was very thin, about 2 mm. A lateral augmentation to thicken the ridge with Bond Apatite was performed. The implant in tooth #13 (6) is of 3 mm in diameter, the other implants #14 (5), #15 (4) and #17 (2) are of 3.75 mm in diameter.

Mobility of Old Bridges in the Anterior Maxillary

A patient came to the office complaining of the mobility of the old bridges, located in the anterior maxillary segment. With Bond Apatite we were able to fill gaps and large defects. Including the void left after removing the impacted canine. This was done while the site was chronically infected.

Bond Apatite – Lateral Augmentation | VIDEO

The patient needed implants in the maxilla. Lateral ridge augmentation was completed, and three months later three implants were placed in new, vital bone. At the time of implants more Bond Apatite was added.

Vestibular Augmentation | VIDEO

The patient is a 52 year old male. In April of 2019 vestibular augmentation with decortication was completed with Augma Bond Apatite. In September 2019 implants were placed. #34 (21) and #35 (20) : 4.20mm x 13mm , #36 (19) : 5mm x 13mm.

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